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Best alternative of google ad-sense

Best alternative of  google ad-sense 

Do you hate Google Ad Sense? Are you finding best-paying Google Ad Sense alternatives in 2018 to make more money?

No doubt google adsense is primary source of very rich content website and blogs, when we think about online money first thing comes to our mind is ad sense. but there can be some situations in which we have look for other monetizing source...
BEst adsense alternative
List of situations
1.     Your publisher account with Google AdSense is not getting accepted for some reasons
2.     Your account is disabled for reasons that are beyond your control
3.     You are not happy with Google Adsense earnings and no more interested in using it on your website or blog
4.     You want to try some other monetization methods along with Adsense on your website or blog
5.     Adsense minimum payout and mode of payment don’t suit you, or
6.     You work in a niche that isn’t supported by Google Ad sense.
One of the best alternative for ad sense is bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is  good alternative to Google Adsense in Pay Per Click category. Apart from getting paid for each Bidvertiser ad on your websites, you will be paid extra money for every conversion coming through your ads.
One of the best features of using
Bidvertiser is it has a conversion bonus if any of your website clicks turn to valid leads.

Bidvertiser has a wide range of formats, which includes 728×90 leader board, 468×60 Banner, 234×60 Half Banner, 120×240 Vertical Banner, 160×600 Skyscraper, 120×600 Skyscraper, 300×600 Half page, 300×250 Rectangle, 336×280 Large rectangle, 180×150 Rectangle, 240×400 Vertical rectangle and 125×125 Buttons.

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The above formats allow you to put the Bidvertiser ads on the best visible places on your blogs to get more clicks to increase your ad revenue.
Bidvertiser sends payments to its publishers via Check, Wire, and Paypal. You can get money transferred into your PayPal account instantly once you have reached the minimum payout of $10. Bidvertiser makes sure that only ads with highest bids will be shown on your websites and blogs.


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