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Easiest way of making money - earn from scratch

Easiest way of making money - earn from scratch

Do you wanna make money from scratch?
Do you love taking videos ?
Do you have somekind of special talent?
If you wants to earn some bucks without doing any extra affords than this videos is perfect for you.

Recently I have come across an app called name vigo video, I have used this app for several days and earned around 35 dollars without doing any afforts.

You just have to upload any kind of 15 sec. Video , people watch this video and you will get flames for this video and 70 flames makes 1 dollar, and believe you can easily get 70 flame from day 1
Tips to get flames in vigo video;
1. Make original video using vigo video inbuilt camera.
2. Make hd videos
3. Give short title but interesting title to video
4. Choose a good thumbnail
Just follow these simple rules and you will easily earn good bucks from vigo video.


When you get 1 dollar , you can transfer your earning to paypal easily.

Some features of vigo video;

1. You can add music to your video, vigo video have wide music library
2. Vigo video have some amazing filter to apply
3. Vigo video have 100's of stickers to apply


You can take part in challenges which is organised in 1 per week , and believe me you can win upto 100 dollar if you win these kind of challenges

PAYPAL- milendradohare@gmail.com


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