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How to become a successful blogger

How to become a blogger

How to become blogger

Successful blogger

Blogging as a career has slowly but steadily picked up in india and around world. There are full time bloggers who earn lakhs every month and are counted as influencers. What you need to keep in mind is that earning through blogging requires a lot of time and effort. It is also important to realize that your blog will not start earning money immediately. It can take more than a year of work before you start receiving any earnings. Once your blog starts getting enough visitors, you can get paid for advertisements, sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

Follow step by step instruction to learn how to become a successful blogger ....

choose a niche 

Choose niche of your blog wisely. Do not select a niche just because others are making money. Always go for the one you love and have knowledge about.

Select a blogging platform

Choosing a blogging platform is kind a tough job. You have many option from buying your domain  and web hosting or buying a domain and free web hosting or you can use free blogging platform like this   blogger.com If you are new to blogging i personally recommend using free blogging platforms like blogger and word press
     I will later post about how u can register domain and get hosting

Learn seo 

Without knowledge about SEO, you are going nowhere. So learn about SEO especially On Page SEO Optimization and Keyword Research as it the base of SEO.
I will later post about it 

Start Networking

Networking with other bloggers in the niche is extremely important. So start interacting with other bloggers, if not personally than on Social media.

 Social Media Presence

Improve your social media presence. A blogger has to be a brand himself. You need to have huge fan following to establish yourself as a brand.
If you need any other help from my side, feel free to get in touch with me.

Monetize your blog 

Monetizing your blog will let your audience see ads on your blog. which results your earning. more audience more earning 

IF your your blog is new and doesn't qualify for adsense than you can show ads from diffrent publishers like bidvertiser, chitika, yllix and others

click on this to read how to monetize your blog without adsense

Learn little bit of html and css

This is not a cumpolsary step but learning html and css will help you in your blog customization. Html will also let you edit your theme according to your need. Html will be a handy tool for your blogging career


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