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How to easily get Google Adsense Approval

How to get approval from adsense
Adsense approval

The days passed when getting Google Adsense approval fast was a big deal and people faced a lot of difficulty, however now, i encountered many scenarios where people get approval for their 1 week old blogs without much content.
If you are asking how to get google adsense approval in 1 minute, you are at wrong place because Google takes it’s own time, you can’t eliminate.
For those who don’t know yet how to make money with Google Adsense, Google is an Ad based publisher program when you can join to start displaying google advertisers ads and can earn money if your site visitors click or view these ads.
There are allot of people yet to find the answers on how to get google adsense approval and start earning with it sideways.
If you are not able to figure out why your Adsense is not getting approved, this guide is for you.
Many people already wrote guides on this topic, so based on the content side; it will be similar however with some genuine tips from my personal experience which worked all the time.
These tips will help you too to get the Google Adsense Approval.
Today, i am going to help you with some straight forward set of advice those if followed, can get you an approval more likely than any other methods at first attempt

Google Adsense Approval Policy Guidelines

Google has their own Adsense Policy guide, that can teach step by step what to do to get adsense approval and how to avoid banning in case of phishing activities done by you or other website visitors.
Now that you already know what Google wants from you using above Policy page link, still you may get rejection due to many parameters like less content, guidelines violation, domain age, Plagiarized Content, Hacking Guides etc.
So, you think you are going to crush it and soon will get an approval with above tips only?
Love your confidence!!
Still many people fail to get approval at one go.
Nobody can tell you exact reason of rejection except Google itself, however they simply email back with a common link that lands you to their policy page.
Now you have to figure out the issue on your own.
Don’t panic!
I’ve a solution for your problem Let’s dive deeper.
Really no one can tell you the reason except Google and they don’t respond to more than 90% of revaluation requests.
But, below is the checklist that i managed to collect with my all the websites and i get approval every time using them as guidelines.
  1. User Interface

    Google always look for clean, smooth and informative website rather than heavily designed un managed. Make sure your website is clear and every information is available within 3 clicks to user even if that is on internal pages.
  2. Content

    It is the biggest point of rejection if not managed correctly; from Google Adsense Approval Team. Your website should have enough content, with quality and quantity managed appropriately. In my case i had just 8 Blog posts written on my website and all the posts were more than 800 words with proper usage of images, On-page SEO, Alt tags and clear Call to action.
  3. Comments & Shares

    It’s great if you manage to get Social Shares and Blog post comments. It helps increase chances of quick approval (Though Google doesn’t specify this requirement but it worked in my case as a vote of confidence).
  4. Terms & Privacy Policy Page

    I will strongly recommend setting up a Terms & Privacy Policy Page because Google always give more weightage to Security and Privacy of User Data and if you do the same, you’ll be a friend to them.
  5. Domain Age

    Its an evergreen discussion topic in many forums because many website owner got approval for their Adsense account within few days of domain purchase however it is advisable to apply only if your domain is atleast 90 days old. When i applied, i had my domain 3 month 8 days old.
  6. Plagiarism Free Content:

    When you start to write content, you sometimes end up getting no ideas how to proceed further or you simply copy paste other website content or spin content using spinners. Google crawlers are smart enough to check plagiarized content and you’ll not get an approval from adsense team for sure. You will also get penalized by Google as well for copied content and you may incur​ huge losses in terms of traffic and earnings both. Better avoid at any case. Content must be free and self-written.
There are many other parameters Google Adsense Approval Team look for; before approving your account however these above parameters helped me to get approval instantly and may differ in your case

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