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Common myths about mastubation

Is masturbation bad for health - 6 myths of masturbation

What is masturbation ?

Masturbation is self-induced sexual excitement. To begin with, quit all wrong ideas about it. Where people consider it sinful to perform such sexual acts due to religion or culture, talking or discussing about masturbation becomes difficult. And this is not just with the not-so-educated lot, a good chunk of highly educated people also think twice before mentioning this word in public. Sadly, due to this people fail to speak up and talk about their queries related to masturbation. Teachers and elder tend to dodge questions related to masturbation. 
Famous myths about masturbation

Is masturbation bad for health

Masturbation is normal and natural human behaviour and there is nothing bad, dirty, impure or sinful about it. Males and females, both are prone to masturbating

Now let's discuss 6 myths and there facts about masturbation

1.    Masturbation is bad

There is nothing wrong, bad or sinful about it. It is believed that masturbation is a sinful act which distracts you from your purpose in life and shifts your focus to sexual activities more.
After the onset of puberty, the brain secretes sexual hormones which reach a limit in the body. After that, the mind triggers a series of reactions for its utilization one of which is masturbation.

2.    Masturbation is only for men

No, women masturbate too. Women reach sexual maturity before men. Also, the expression of sexual hormones is controlled by the same mind and body mechanisms in both men and women.

3. Masturbation is only for frustrated people

Like people practice mentally for their performance at work or school or college, masturbation is a sexual healing aspect where you try to improve all aspects of your sex life.

4.    Your body has limited amount of semen, masturbating will make you lose it

A man’s testicles tend to produce semen after 24 hours of puberty till his reproductive hormones are healthy. Semen is produced at a slow rate and, it can take up to 48 hours for a satisfactory ejaculate. But yes, too much masturbation may decrease semen in quantity.

5.    Masturbation can harm sexual organs

If exercised in a safe manner, it will enhance the development of your sexual organs. But external aids and rough practice may harm your sexual organs.

6.    Masturbation leads to psychological problems

If it is seen as a negative process, you can face fear of what this may do to your body, mind and organs. Too many thoughts about what it can do to you can harm you emotionally and psychologically

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