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Life of Neanderthal



One study found that Neanderthal had been staying at that place for at least 3,000 years longer than previously thought, which is today known as Spain. According to the study, it must have been such a time that Neanderthals were eliminated from the rest of the world.

The study said that accepting the Neanderthal population through inter-breeding on behalf of modern human population was not a regular procedure, but it was a process that was progressing geographically.

During the nearly 10-year field study, researchers excavated three new sites in southern Spain, where they recovered the evidence of special neanderthal materials from 37,000 years ago.

Joao District, affiliated to the University of Barcelona, ​​Spain, said that the technology of Middle Stone Age in Europe is specially linked to Neanderthal.

The district's leading author of the study published in the Helion Journal said that in three new digging sites, we found such neanderthal artworks that were found in Western Europe after thousands of years.

He said, the latest Neanderthal site is quite old in the adjoining areas of northern Spain and southern France. The Middle Stone Age was part of the Stone Age and its period was 3,00,000 to 30,000 years ago.


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