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More than 12 million people die of hunger: United nation

Death due to starvation

United Nations: The number of people who reached the brink of death due to hunger around the world increased to 124 million last year. If these people do not get food soon, they are at risk of death.
Death due to lack of food

Giving this information, Head of the United Nations Food Agency, David Beasley said that this is because people do not even shake hands with each other.They told the security council through video link on Friday that nearly 335 million people fighting hunger are living in four struggling countries - Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan and northeast Nigeria. These countries were rescued from last year's famine situation.

World food program director

Executive director of the World Food Program said that the relationship between hunger and conflict is ruinous. Conflict creates food insecurity and food insecurity arises instability and tension which causes violence. Bisli said that 60 percent of the people hungry for a long time have lived in struggling areas and they do not know where to get the food next time.

United nation

Humanist leader of the United Nations Mark Lokok said, "Despite this serious warning, the situation has improved in the last few decades and it has become less fatal."He described it as a wonderful achievement by referring to the purchasing power of the people, due to the increase in agricultural production and productivity and global poverty reduction. 
Lokok said, "The threat of famine and hunger is now concentrated in a small number of countries affected by relatively large scale, severe and long conflict.He said, "Almost 490 million malnourished people and 80 percent of the world's 155 million underdeveloped children live in affected countries." Lokok said that although the circumstances of the famine had been deferred last year, but according to the latest available information, the threat of famine still continues in front of Nigeria, Yemen and South Sudan for the next six months. And in Ethiopia, Somalia and Congo, food security situation is very serious.
At the same time, Bisli has warned against increasing pressure in Africa's Greater Sahel area, which is home to more than 500 million people.


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