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Permanent amount of carbon rising in the environment is dangerous: Indian scientists

Dr. Ajay Kumar Sonkar, renowned indian scientist, said that due to high levels of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, pollution and a great cause of climate change, it has said that besides returning to the natural lifestyle it has no other concrete treatment.

To make the world's largest and costly black pearl, noted worldwide, Dr. Sonakar believes that the most important concern among the growing concerns about pollution is the amount of increasing carbon dioxide in the environment which is not only the main reason for the change in climate change Being standing is becoming a direct question in front of the whole human existence.

Dr. Sonkar said that the proportion of permanent carbon dioxide growing in the environment is leading life to fatalities on Earth because just a few years ago, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was 350 ppm, which now increases to 400 ppm has gone.

He said that due to the uncontrolled and excessive carbon dioxide emissions, its volume in the environment has increased steadily.

He said that there is 50 percent carbon in trees. Trees carry carbon dioxide from the atmosphere with the help of light and release the oxygen back into the atmosphere. But the excess carbon dioxide present in the environment forces the trees to absorb excess carbon, due to which the original composition of tree plants is changing and due to the extra carbon, additional water requirement is also increased.
 Hesaid that such food is being used in the food of the people, which is why now our fruit vegetables are not getting the quantity of nutrients and vitamins that were used fifty years ago.

Dr. Sonkar said, in general, there are two major sources of carbon control in nature- trees and seas, which are also called carbon sinks. Plants carry carbon dioxide from it using carbon for their own to increase and oxygen freeze in the environment, while the sea absorbs carbon, which sea creatures add carbon and oxygen to calcium and make calcium carbonate Inside the mountains of coral, coral, oyster, conch, etc. are created and biological gemstone is also one of them.

He said, in the current situation, about a quarter of the amount of carbon being produced is taking the plants and the sea while the remaining carbon is going in the environment which can last for hundreds of years.

Dr. Sonkar said that people have a misconception that they are able to protect themselves by wearing a mask or putting air purifiers in the house while increasing levels of carbon is giving rise to many serious challenges, Have to do.

Dr. Sonkar said, an average man uses around 550 liters of air per day. The amount of oxygen in the air is about 20 percent. The human body absorbs five percent and the remaining 15 percent leaves the atmosphere with carbon dioxide.

He said, an average person leaves 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere daily. If the volume of carbon increases to one lakh ppm at some place, then it is called lethal concentration. If this situation arises in a room in the gold situation, then there may be a person's death too.

Apart from this, the consumption of carbon by the trees in excess quantity increases the likelihood of insects in the leaves, which is spreading more quantities of pesticides to get rid of them. These insecticides are making the groundwater more poisonous, along with food, somehow because this pesticide in the rain reaches there with water. Apart from this, the cost of farmers' farming is increasing.

He said that there must be very serious efforts to deal with these hazards and return to the natural lifestyle as much as possible. Need to reduce burning crude oil from the ground and move towards alternative fuel adoption, which should minimize damage to the atmosphere.

He said, the use of a filter in vehicles that can be collected by collecting carbon and collecting them and separating the oxygen from carbon dioxide is not very complicated.

He said that life is being lost today in the name of development. To cool a room, the heat of the atmosphere is increased multiplied.

They say that the corporate sector has also looked at the new market by promoting the use of different types of masks, air purifiers and pesticides in such a situation, whereas this directionless development has stood in front of human existence as the question of eagerness.


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