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India's rapist saint/god man borned in pakistan

The making of India's rapist Saint -Asharam bapu

Asharan bapu in jail
Asharam bapu in custody

His childhood

It was the time immediately after partition of India. Thaumal Harpalani, who had come from Baranani village in Pakistan's Sindh province, had arrived in India with his wife Magegiiba and son Asmal. Like most Sindhi refugees, Thaumal and his family got shelter in the refugee settlement of Sardar Nagar. Thaumal started timber and coal business in Maninagar. Son Asumal also help his father. Later, the family also opened a grain shop in Kalupur.

His childhood

All had been returning to the track, that Asumal's father died. At that time, Asumal was only 10 years old. Now the responsibility of the house was on Asmal's shoulders. After running this responsibility for a few years, Asumal ran away from home at the age of 15. He reached in an ashram of Bharuch, which was run by Leelash Maharaj. After some time, Maharaj persuaded him and sent him home. However, after 8 years when Asumal was 23 years old, he once again left the house and reached the ashram.

Asmal become saint asaram bapu 

It was the time of October 1964 and this time Lilasa Maharaj accepted Asumal and gave it the name of 'Saint Shri Asaram Bapu Maharaj'. 7 years later, in 1971, Asaram returned to Ahmedabad. Then her two children, Narayan Sai and Bharati Devi too were born. Asaram's spiritual discourse began to become popular among the tribal people of Panchmahal and Bharuch districts and the Hindi-speaking people of North India in Gujarat. In 1972 Asaram laid the foundations of 'Muksh Kitter' on the banks of the Sabarmati River. In a year, this cottage was turned into ashram.

Today there are about 400 ashrams in Asaram's empire in the country and abroad. The total wealth of this empire, which was prepared in four decades, is being estimated at Rs. 10 thousand crores. Asaram's property worth 750 crores is spread across 30 districts of Rajasthan. Every ashram of asaram is situated on 150 bighas of land. Asaram has complete convoy of cars and buses. 5 schools are running. Apart from this, shops are also running in every ashram.

The story began to change in 2008
The story of Asaram which has reached today was written in 2008. In July 2008, two young men named Dipesh and Abhishek Vaghela got coronavirus dead. Both of these youths were missing from Motera Ashram of Asaram. Such intelligence inputs that 'Kal Magic' is also being done in the ashram. The then Gujarat CM Narendra Modi constituted the Justice DK Trivedi Commission to investigate the matter. Five years later in August 2013, a 16-year-old minor accused Asaram of sexual assault in Jodhpur ashram.

In the same year Asaram's son Narayan Sai was also jailed on charges of rape with two sisters of Surat. Both of these sisters had alleged that in the middle of 2000, both father sons raped them together. After the matter came to light, the Asaram's empire began to collapse now. Slowly got many news. When the Surat police in January 2015, one of the followers of Asaram, in the house of Prhaldad Keswani, the Red Meri, in his real estate, got more than 2500 crores investment papers filled in 42 bags. According to the Gujarat Police's charge sheet, the total value of Asaram's empire was Rs 5000 crore in 2008.

Tell you that the Special Court of Jodhpur in the case of rap from a minor Dalit girl has been sentenced to life imprisonment while convicting Asaram. Judge Madhusudan Sharma, the Special Judge of the SC-ST Court, engaged in the Jodhpur Central Jail, sentenced the co-accused Shilpi and Sarat Chandra to 20-20 years imprisonment while releasing the other two Prakash and Shiva.


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