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The name of the new species of spider kept on the character of the Harry Potter film

Spider named based on harry potter movie

You must have seen Harry Potter movie based on the book JK Rolling, and you must have seen a talking spider Aragog. In fact, the name of the new species of spider has been named in the name of Aragog.

Spider named based on harry potter movie
Aragog spider

This new species of spider discovered by researchers from Tehran University in Iran has been named 'Likosa Aragogi'. The spider's body is one inch long except for the leg.

The upper part of the spider's body has two black and three white hair stripes. Iranian populist Alireza Naderi discovered this new species of spider in the mountainous region of the Karman province in southern-eastern Iran.

This spider was discovered on April 26, 2016, which is a female. So far the male spider of this species has not been invented.

Alireza Zamani, a student graduating from Animal Bio systematics at Tehran University and one of the researchers of this study, told that they do not produce spider web, but they live in bills and prey on the night. These spiders survive for a maximum of three years.

In an email, Zamani told Life Science, we have found many similarities in this new spider species and Aragog. As it is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter series books, we thought it would be a good idea to keep this spider in the name of book and movie character.

The character of Aragog was made for Potter series's second film Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

This study was published on July 4 in the Zootaxa Journal. Apart from Alireza Zamani in this study, Anton Ndolny is also involved. Anton is a taxonomist and special study on spiders from the Institute and Marine Biological Research of Russian Academy of Science at St Estol, Russia.

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