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What are some Amazon selling tips for new sellers?

What are some Amazon selling tips for new sellers?

Tips for amazon seller
Amazon seller

  • Register as a professional seller: On Amazon, first of all, register as a professional seller on amazon seller central which will provide you with various special features like the eligibility to get the buy box. Also, some of the categories are locked up to be used by pro sellers only so you will get to unlock those categories to list whatever products you want to.

    1. Learn to fight for buy box: There are various performance metrics standardized by Amazon itself to select the eligible sellers for buy box. To know the factors, visit: https://www.quora.com/How-can-Am...
    2. Accurate description of products: If there is a slightest mistake or difference in the description of your product and what is the actual product you are delivering then this mistake will lead to the negative response by customers and you will have to face the more number of returns as a result.
    3. Educate yourself for seller fees: There are various subscriptions either on a monthly basis or yearly basis among which you have to decide according to the budget constraints of your own. If you are aware of the referral fee, variable fee, shipping fee and there are other different types of fees on Amazon FBA and you should know how to manage them so that you can turn the game to make money out of it.
    4. Know your payment dates: If you are expecting the money to come in within a certain time like in a month or whatever from amazon and you have forgotten to uptake an information that when an amazon is going to pay you then it can throw your capital off. So, be aware of the debits and credits of your company to be profitable.
    5. Web store URL in your product detail page: Make sure you give your web store’s URL on the product detail page to spread authenticity of your products or brand among customers.
    6. Inspecting your items: When you are a new seller on any marketplace, you are always worried about building your brand name or position in a positive way. Don’t you? So for that, you need to inspect your products properly before starting to sell online. For example, you are planning to sell the electronics or the books so you need to assure yourself that the electronic items you are going to deliver to your customers must be working properly. And the books should have all the pages in a proper condition. (Note: If the products are sold without inspection then you could get into a big trouble as amazon has the authority to make your products discontinue.
    7. Start with small:Here is an important tip to give if the seller is starting selling online for the first time that he should start selling the small items which require the low packaging and low maintenance.
    8. Go hard in 4th Quarter: This is the perfect time to get ready for the real profits as the fourth quarter includes the months from December to march where you get encountered with the biggest occasion that is a new year along with the other exciting festivals like Christmas etc. to turn your sales up during that time.

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