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Depression treatment - self help (natural remedies)

What is depression?

Sadness , moody , feeling low , lose of interest or pleasure in daily activities these are the things which everyone feels time to  time but if they persist and affect our life substantially, it may be depression.
Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life.

natural care for depression


Signs and symptoms

  1. Depressed mood, feeling down for a long period
  2. Loss interest in daily activities
  3. Loss in weight or loss in appetite
  4. Insomnia (difficult in sleeping or no sleep ) or hypersomnia ( excessive sleeping )
  5. Fatigue or energy loss
  6. Over thinking 
  7. Impaired ability to think, concentrate or make decision
  8. Recurrent thought of helplessness, worthlessness which can leads to suicidal thoughts.

Anxiety and depression treatment

Treatment includes psychotherapy and medication

  1. Medication - In my opinion medication can never be the permanent solution of depression. Medication can suppress your neural activities and takes you to sleep but it can't treat you from depression
  2. Psychotherapy- it includes counselling which is the key for your depressed free life.

Depression self help - ways to help depression


  1. Stay away from any-kind of negativity related or unrelated to you
  2. Share your feeling - Always talk to your friends, family and doctor about your feeling. As I have earlier mentioned, psychotherapy is the key for your depression free life. Share your feelings, your thoughts, your thinking to the one who you feel comfortable to talk. if you don't have anyone to talk, there are bunch of helpline number, u can call them or feel free to mail me (educoholicdash@gmail.com) I will be happy to help you
  3. Getting busy- There is a saying "empty mind is home for evil" . Always busy yourself in anykind of activity, this will prevent you from over thinking and gives you joy.
  4. There are bunch of things you can do to busy yourself
  5. You can learn any music instrument. Music is mind relaxant, learning music instrument will help you in your depression
  6. You can start reading books 
  7. Do some household chores, your ultimate aim is to busy yourself
  8. Watching comedy movies, sci-fi movies or any other according to your choice
  9. Play any-kind of game, doesn't matters indoor or outdoor


  1. Don't talk to peoples who demean you or brings negativity in you
  2. Never watch movie which depresses you
  3. Don't over think - I know it's very hard to stop over thinking in depression but whenever your mind starts over thinking just talk to someone, get yourself busy or take medication.

If you wants to talk to someone and needs help
Feel free to mail me (educoholicdash@gmail.com)
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