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How to make money by uploading adult videos

Are you interested in easy ways to make money online? Have you tried to make money but failed? then this method to make money by uploading porn videos is specially for you. You can even make 1000 dollars per month. Isn't it awesome. 

Earn money from uploading videos
Earn money from xvideos

I had started to make money 3 months ago from this method and now, I am earning around 200 dollars per day. This simple method of earning passive income is very easy and effective. If you ever thought about making money from porn than this article is for you.Without wasting time let's now dive into the method.

Here is the list of things you need to do to to earn from this method. I will explain every step in details later.

  • Download porn videos which are shot on webcam and doesn't have any watermaker.
  • Buy an adult friendly hosting with free domain name. Or you can also go for free hosting and free domain name from websites like " biz.co.nf ".
  • Now signup for crakrevenue , know redirect your domain to crakrevenue offer
  •  Edit downloaded video by adding watermark of your domain name.
  • Make accounts on porn website like pornhub and xvideos. And upload your video
  • Make money.
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Download Porn videos which are shot on webcam, have no watermark and are in good quality 

You have to look for high-quality webcam videos of hot teens, milfs, amateurs, whatever be the case they must be hot, sexy enough to get peoples dick hard.

Now all you need is to download these videos.

Best website to download these kinds of videos are xhamster.com and xvideos.com . It's very easy to download videos from these websites. 

Make an account at crakrevenue 

Crakrevenue is the best adult webcam affiliate website right now. I have been using it for a while now, and the majority of my affiliate income comes through them.

Click this link to sign up for crakrevenue:

Crakrevenue sign up

After signing up they will ask some simple question through your email. Just answer them and your account gets activated.

Buy Hosting and domain name

This is an important part, so read carefully. You need one domain name, and it must contain words like “cams”, “webcams”, “cam”, or “webcam”. The reason is that a person will trust camers.co.nf compared to jizzgirl584.net . 

After buying hosting and domain redirect your domain to crakrevenue offer. It's a very important step, do it carefully.

Note; If you have any difficulty in redirecting your website please let me know in comments I will solve your problem.

Editing video

Now you need to add watermark to your downloaded video. Its very easy to add watermark, you can even add watermark through your android phone using kinemaster app.

Sign up for different porn websites and upload your videos to them. 

Make money 

People will see your video. After seeing watermark they will open your website and lands in crakrevenue offer. You can also use social networking to earn through crakrevenue

Hope you like the article 

If you have any doubts please let me know in comments

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