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Nawaz sharif (Ex prime minister of Pakistan) - admit's role in terrorism

In an interview to Pakistani Newspaper, The ex prime minister of Pakistan admitted that the, Pakistan had a hand in the Mumbai terrorist attack on November 26, 2008.
Nawaz sharif (Ex prime minister of Pakistan) - admit's Pakistan role in terrorism
Nawaz sharif 

Mumbai attack 26/11

A total of 166 people died in the Mumbai attacks on November 26, 2008. Ten intruders who came from Pakistan attacked two hotels and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal Railway Station (CST) and a Jewish center, including the Taj Hotel.
In the encounter for four days, 9 terrorists were killed in the encounter, while a terrorist Ajmal Kasab was caught alive, which was later hanged.

Interview to dawn

In an interview given to pakistani newspaper 'The dawn' , the former prime minister of pakistan has said that the soil of pakistan is being for terrorist attacks in india. 
During interview he said, various terrorist groups in pakistan are active. We can call them non state actors, He hinted that these terrorist cross the border (to enter in India) with the help of Pakistani Army.
In reference to 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack he said,  Why are we unable to complete the trial?. He admitted that the trial in the court related to the Mumbai Attacks is being drawn long by Pakistan. 
By calling terrorist as non state actor, he hinted that terrorist groups play a major role in Pakistan's foreign policy. 
It is now clear that Pakistan can't afford conventional war so they uses Terrorist to destabilizes India. Pakistan uses proxy war against India.

Pakistan's victim card

Pakistan always plays victim card in front of United nation and countries like America. He shows himself as a victim of India sponsored terrorism to get billions of dollar help. Pakistan uses this help money to fight proxy war with india
Pakistan nourishes terrorist, gets help from America by showing himself victim of terrorism, uses this money again for terrorism isn't this funny and ironic at the same time.

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