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What is torrent ? Seeder's ,leacher's , peer, everything you wants to know

I bet, you have heard of torrent, used a torrent or atleast seen that term somewhere on internet. Most of the people don't know what it actually is and how it works.

what is torrent

 What is torrent?

Torrent is a peer to peer(explained later in this article) network which stabilizes a direct connection between down-loader and up-loader.

If you are a torrent user, whenever you heard the word torrent your mind started to think about a file with extension ".torrent" which contain metadata for various information. This file does not contain the download data. ".torrent" file is only used to for peer to peer connection. Using this file, torrent softwares will directly connect your computer with computer of up-loader( which contain your download data).

Let's understand this with an example

Suppose you have DVD of windows 10 operating system and you wants share it with others. There are 3 methods for sharing.
  1. You can give them DVD personally. But, what if 1000 people from different countries demands for your DVD. You can't give them personally.
  2. You can upload your DVD to your server and distribute the download links to download the file. But Microsoft will notice it and by giving a copyright strike in DMCA, your server will be banned.
  3. You can create a small torrent file of your DVD and distribute it to others, when someone open this file using torrent software like bit torrent. Torrent software will establish a direct connection from your computer to down-loader's computer. File will be stream  from your computer using your upload speed and downloads on down-loader's computer using download speed. There will be no server in between. No server no copyright strikes. This is known as peer to peer connection from my computer directly to someone else's computer. 
Drawback of option 3 -  This system of file transfer is entirely depends on one up-loader. If this up-loader stops uploading, file is not available for download. Moreover the download speed of down-loader is depend on upload speed of  up-loader. Increase in number of down-loader will also increase load on up-loader's computer. To counter this torrent has peer network which contain seeder's

 What is peer network, seeder's and leecher's?

  1. Seeder'sSeeders means those systems that have 100% of the files of the torrent, and are uploading. In simple language, there are more than one up-loader and the number of up-loaders is know as seeder's. Even down-loader after compete download can became up-loader(seeder). This will form a network between down-loaders and up-loaders (seeder's ). This network is known as peer network.
  2. Leecher's - Those individuals who leaves this network after downloading file is known as leecher's 
Note: A torrent download can be done in fragments, so in reality you’re actually downloading bits of pieces (from different seeder's ) of the full content which is later reassembled when all of the pieces are received.

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