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World give day

World Give Day - 4 may

World give day is celebrated on 4th of may every year around the world.
On this day people all over the world come forward to support the cause they care about most. World give day is a day to focus on giving back whether you can donate to Non profit organisation, directly to the needy people or you give some time helping others.

world giving day

National giving day


World Give Day came about when Give-forward co-founder realized that while there were a few days set aside in the philanthropic calendar to encourage people to volunteer (last week National Volunteer Week being one of them), there is not  any devoted day specifically to encourage people to give. She decided to fill that void, and thus World Give Day was born

Goal of world give day

The goal of world give day is to promote the the welfare of society, by the society in a way that has never done before. World give day is encouraging people to give back through donation, volunteering, Or raising awareness. People all around the world are coming forward to donate through Non profit organisation.
World give day is motivating people all around the world to unite in one day of giving and inspire people to make giving back a priority in everyday life.

Inspiring others

World Give Day inspiring people all over the world to make a difference in the lives of others regardless of how much time or money we have to give. Making an impact on World Give Day could be as simple as posting a link to your favorite charity on Facebook or Twitter, or reminding those around you to get involved in whatever way they can, because World Give Day is based on the underlying belief that every effort, no matter how big or small, can have a significant effect on our society.


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