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Tips to Save the environment

In the past few years, there has been an increase in the risk for environment. Indiscriminate use of environmental resources have spoiled ecological balance to a great extent. It is important for us to be consistent with the environment rather than experimenting with it and exploiting it more. We must remember that our actions and activities have an impact on the entire ecosystem directly and indirectly. In fact the environment maintains our life balance. The quality of our lives is essentially dependent on our environment.
Save the environment
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Risks for environment

  • Global warming is a serious environmental issue which causes due to the emission of carbon dioxide from various sources. Thermal electricity generation is the major source of carbon pollution which leads to global warming.
  • Natural resources like coal, oil, petroleum etc. are limited in environment. Indiscriminate use of these resources can lead to end of resources.
  • High level of pollution is bad for life on earth. Pollution is a continual threat to humanity. If the level of pollution doesn't come under control, sooner than later, it will kill us.
  • 72 percentage of earth is covered with water. 97 percentage of this water is salty ocean water which is not suitable for drinking.
  • Forests are fast depleting. It may cause soil erosion and drought situation. Excessive use of pesticides and contamination of soil have negatively affected soil output. These fruits and vegetables are not very healthy for human health.

Tips to save environment

  •  A lot of environmental problems would disappear if we stop using petroleum, coal and natural gas as raw-materials for power generation. The focus should entirely shift on renewable sources of energy. The use of renewable sources of energy (example solar energy) would help saving the environment from Air pollution. Reduction in air pollution will also reduces global warming.
  • Drinking water is limited and very precious component of our environment. It should be never wasted. Water should never be polluted. There should be zero tolerance policy towards water pollution.
  • We should try to use products which can be recycled. We should separate recyclable and non recyclable product before dumping them. Recyclable product should be recycled and reuse.
  • There should be a zero tolerance policy towards deforestation. Each one of us can contribute towards saving the environment by planting just one tree every-month. We can make donations to NGOs that are engaged in planting trees, or in any-way working towards saving the environment. Planting trees also prevents soil eruption.
  • Use of public transport should be preferred over private vehicle. Use of bicycle, electric vehicle should be promoted. This will help in reduction of pollution and also save natural resources.

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