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Things to avoid during periods

Your period can be best known for Fatigue, instability, mood swings and awful cramps but you’ll be surprised to know that your routine eat can actually affect how you feel during your period. 

Things to avoid during period
Period pain

To help guide your here is the list of things you should avoid during periods..

1. Don't Leave Sanitary Products in Too Longer

Regularly changing your pad or tampon is an essential part of good hygiene. Wearing same sanitary product for long time can cause bacterial infection, itching and bad odour. 

2. Don't Wait Too Long to Take Pain Medication

If you experience painful cramps during your period, Many women wait too long to take pain medication such as ibuprofen or naproxen. These slow down the production of substances that cause pain, so taking the medications at the first sign of your period can reduce the symptoms proactively.

3. Smoking 

We have all heard that smoking is bad for your health and in addition to the health risks it has, it can make your periods worse. A study from the journal ‘Tobacco Control’ found that smokers are more likely to have painful periods than non-smokers.

4. Avoid caffeine

 Consumption of Caffeine can causes tension and anxiety. 

5. Don't make your pain worse

This means that you shouldn't plan root canal or any other procedure while on your periods.
6. Late night meals and snacks should be avoided as they can make you feel bloated

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